Fill Your Own Capsules

Save Money. Live Healthier.


Boost your brain power, wake up your senses, and give your brain the high quality, herbal nutrition that it needs to function at maximum capacity. You’ll be able to make over a year’s supply with this recipe, saving big money from your usual name brand supplements. Filling your own capsules is easy to do and certainly worth your time.







  • Capsule Filling Machine (optional)
  • Mixing bowl




Blend the three herbal powders together. Stir slowly with a spoon or spatula to reduce dust.

If you notice any powders clumping, pass the powder through a sifter or strainer.

Fill your size 00 capsules to capacity. This can be done by hand or with a capsule filling machine.

Finished 00 capsule approximate mg:

Lion’s Mane Extract – 225 mg

Gingko Biloba Extract – 200 mg,

Bacopa Monnieri – 200 mg,