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Multi-Ingredient Capsule Formulation Calculator

Did you know that some popular brand supplements contain added fillers or ingredients from sketchy places?  Some are certified clean, but then they can be really expensive.  You can easily copy a commercially available supplement by using your own bulk herb powders.  Bulk herbs are readily available online in a number of places.  You can buy them by the ounce or pound.  If you can’t find powder form, try grinding them in a coffee grinder or something similar.


Creating Your Recipe


 Whether you’re creating your own blend or copying a brand, it’s helpful to know how many milligrams of each herb are in each capsule.   One way to do it is to mix all your herbs together in a ratio that you think works, then when all your capsules are made, just perform some slightly complicated math.  It’s difficult to be accurate this way, to say the least.

In an effort to help you calculate your recipe, I developed a ONE-OF-A-KIND calculator that does the math for you!   Recipes for milligram-specific, multi-ingredient supplements!

Enter up to 8 Ingredients and even specify each ingredient’s unique density for added accuracy. Choose your capsule size and the amount of capsules you wish to make. Adjust your ingredient ratios and this calculator will do all the figuring for you and tell you exactly how much of each ingredient you’ll need to combine to make the perfect formula for your supplement needs.

Added bonus: Recipes are printable and can be customized with the ingredient names!

Having Trouble Figuring Out Multi-Ingredient Capsule Formulations?

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Select up to 8 ingredients
Choose specific Milligrams for each ingredient
Specify each ingredient's unique density for added accuracy
Print personalized recipes